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WARNING: This product is addictive and can lead to better edits, increased productivity, and cost savings. Proceed at your own risk.

Virtual reality has promised to be the future for many years, but in reality, it's remained on the fringes. A fun toy, but too complicated, with no practical use. VICE is here to change that.

VICE allows realtime playback from your editing system to be wirelessly transmitted to custom VR headsets. Editors are no longer forced to watch a TV and imagine how the edit will play on the "big screen", or book time in a theater just to review their edit. With VICE, the editor can sit in a "real" theater whenever they want.

All VICE rentals include: The VICE:box (our proprietary hardware encoder), one VR headset, one set of headphones with audio amplifier,  and all necessary charging cables.

Additional headsets are also available, allowing the entire team (whether local or remote) to watch the edit together.

Pricing is a simple "all you can eat" model, with no extra per-play fees.

Contact us for a demo today.


What if I wear glasses?
The headset is designed to allow you to keep your glasses on.

Is it complicated?
No. The VICE:box is plug and play, as are the headsets. The only thing to do is charge the headset after each use.

Do I need to install any software on my editing system?
No. Our hardware encoder will get audio and video from your system's SDI output.

Do I need to export a special file?
No. The system is designed to be live, so that you can playback (and/or scrub around) directly from your timeline. (There will be a future VOD version that will take an exported file.... but more on that later)

Are there any security concerns?
VICE has been designed specifically for the post-production industry, with the security of unreleased footage a critical component of its core design. Please reach out for detailed security information.

What is the resolution? 
That is hard to answer simply. The software allows you to adjust where in the theater you sit, and the closer your avatar sits to the screen, the higher the resolution.  However, the technical answer is that each eye has a maximum resolution of 2k.


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